Viaduct Fishery Rules

Viaduct Fishery Rules

70LB Carp limit, if over and up to 80lb your net will count as 70lb. Over 80lb and your net will be disqualified

50lb net limit for silvers, if over up to 55lb your net will count as 50lb. Over 55lb and your net will be disqualified.


All nets to be spread out to dry and must not enter the water until 5 minutes before the whistle.

Only course and carp pellets to be used as feed. All other types are only allowed to be used on the hook.

Boilies, dumbells, pop-ups, wafters etc can be used on the hook but not as feed.

2kg of groundbait maximum allowed, to be fed through a feeder or pole cup. Small nuggets of groundbait/soaked pellets can be fed by hand up to 5 meters.

No method feeders, banjo feeders, coil feeders.

No candle or rattle floats.

All leads and feeders must be free running, no fixed rigs, no elasticated feeders.

All leads and feeders must have a minimum 12 inch hook-length no tucking or using any other method for reducing hook-lengths.

Barbless hooks only, size 10 maximum hook size.

10lb or 0.22 equivalent maximum line, no braided line.

No surface baits but pop-up baits e.g. bread is allowed.

No floating poles.

Bait shop on site.


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