Stoke sub Hamdon Angling Association Specimen Cup

As part of efforts to wider our Association’s reach to the angling community who fish our waters, Stoke sub Hamdon Angling Association is introducing a Specimen Cup for 2018. It is the hope that this Cup can become an annual feature in our club.

The Specimen Cup will champion the biggest and best specimens caught from our waters, rewarding angler’s young and old who enjoy targeting specimen fish. There will be both a senior and a junior (in line with club licence) cup winner and runner up.

All members are invited and encouraged to enter the 2018 Specimen Cup (all entries welcome, specimens big and not so big). Please see the below ‘Terms of entry and rules for the 2018 Specimen Cup’.

The winners and runners up of 2018 Specimen Cup will be decided by the committee and will be announced at the Stoke sub Hamdon Angling Christmas Fayre Presentation in December 2018, details of which can be found within the club licence and on our Facebook page). Entrants will be judged against the corresponding species British record at the date of capture.

Terms of entry and rules for the Specimen Cup.

1. You may enter either by post or by email. To enter by email please email a copy of your photograph to Stoke-Sub-Hamdon AA. (If this link does not work send your photographs to To enter by post please post a copy of the photograph (at least 4 x 6 sized) to the the club secretary, Derek Goad. Address can be found in the club licence book.

2. Your capture must be caught from waters controlled by Stoke sub Hamdon Angling Association (see your club licence or find it here a map of our fishable club waters). For the avoidance of doubt, this does not include SLAC water as this is not controlled by Stoke sub Hamdon Angling Association.

3. Your capture must have occurred between the 1st December and midnight on the 30th November the following year.

4. Your capture must be received on or before 12 noon on 1st December.

5. Your capture must be appropriately photographed. Please ensure that your photograph (if at all possible) includes a photograph of you holding the fish. If that is not possible (e.g. you are fishing alone), please ensure you clearly photograph one side of the fish with a suitable size reference point (e.g next to your rod and reel).

6. In sending your photographs (either by email or by post) please ensure to include the following details.

1. Date of capture.

2. Place of capture (e.g. Gawbridge or Parrett Work, peg 1)

3. Name of angler.

4. Address and telephone number.

5. Weight (pounds and ounces) and species.

6. Basic method of capture.

7. If you find it easier, you are welcome to fill in ‘Specimen Cup / Records List Entry Form’ and send with your photographs.

You can download the form here "Stoke sub Hamdon Angling Association." Or from the file section of our Facebook Page. Facebook

8. Please ensure to accurately weigh your fish.

9. Please ensure that fish welfare remains your top priority.

10. You should be aware that the Stoke Sub Hamdon Angling Association may retain the records of entry into the Specimen Cup without a specific termination date (and subject the Association’s Privacy Statement which can be viewed on the club’s website – detailed above).