Qualifying points explained

Rivers matches.

Lakes matches.

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Key to River Match Points (# Qualifiers)

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Top weight wins match.

Optional pools and trophy on the day .

1st place takes 15 points forward to Memorial Shield and Championship

2nd place takes 14 points etc etc.

DNW will receive 1 point.

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Key to Match Points (# Qualifiers) on Lake matches

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1lb of Carp = 16 'weight pts'

1lb of Silvers = 48 'weight pts'

Highest 'weight points' are taken forward to Rose Bowl.

Top weight points earns 15 'positional pts' and are taken forward to Championship,

2nd place 14 pts etc.etc.

DNW= 1pt.

NOTE heaviest bag of fish takes optional pools on the day.

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Lake Match Trophies

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Club Championship Shield - best 9 of 12 positional pts from river and lake matches.

Rose Bowl - Highest weight points best 5 fished of 6 lake matches.

Memorial Shield - Highest positional pts best 5 fished of 6 river matches.

Aggregate Shield - Highest weight of fish from all 6 river matches.

Heaviest Carp Shield - Highest caught in all club matches except silvers only and Christmas matches.

A. Gardener Match Specimen Shield - Heaviest Tench caught in all club lake matches except the Christmas match.

Presidents Trophy - Heaviest Perch caught from all club river matches.

Goodmans Golden Oldie Shield - Heaviest weight from the Over 60's match.

Committee Cup - Best bag of fish from committee match

River Match Trophies

Evening Cup June 22nd

Novice Shield July 7th

Huntsman Cup July 21st

Mrs Williams Cup Aug 4th

J.Irish Trophy Sept 1st

Axminster Cup Sept 22nd

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