Match Information & Calendar for 2022/2023

To All Members, this is our matches for the year. As you can see we have worked very hard on this as a club. We have new venues lined up again and have made some changes to the matches. As we have had such an increase in membership I would like to point a few things out regarding our river matches. Most of our river matches have a trophy attached to them; we also run 3 league tables one for rivers one for lakes and one combined. This year we will be having a go at mixing up the river matches trying new areas for our matches.

We have some matches that are highly popular and some not so much. You can fish as many or as little matches as you wish. Most of our lake matches are peg limited so please book in early to avoid disappointment.

All our matches will be advertised the same way, you will have a 2 weeks’ notice to book into a match, and it will close when either all pegs are taken or the Friday before the match.

If you book into a match please can you make sure you attend if you do not attend you will still be required to Honour your pegging fee as we still have to cover the costs of the lakes.

Due to how popular our charity events are we will also be taking names for this event and running a list to make sure everyone who wants to fish gets the chance. You can send me a private message to put your name down onto the list if you are interested in fishing the charity matches. We have been working hard with other clubs and are also hoping to hold a 3 way match with Stoke, Ilminster and Taunton. You will also see by popular demand Andy Downton is running a 4 match series on the K.S.D. all information about each match will be available on the match event when it is put up for you to book into. We look forward to seeing everyone on the banks again. Stay safe tight lines the committee.

Calendar 2022

Match Date Venue & Events Draw Fishing Time Match Report Rose Bowl League Points Championship Points
1 March 20th Trinty/woodlands Lake Pairs 08.00 9am -3pm
2 April 3rd Lands End # 08.00 9am -3pm Match Report Rose Bowl Championship
3 April 17th Stoke Pond Charity Match 1 9am 10am - 4pm Match Report
4 April 24th Revels # 9am 10am - 4pm Match Report Rose Bowl Championship
5 May 1st Stoke Pond Charity Match 2 9am 10am - 4pm Match Report
6 May 8th Shepton Montague Committee Cup 9am 10am - 4pm
7 May 18th Trinity Golden Oldies - Over 60's 9am 10am - 4pm Match Report
8 May 22nd Avalon # 9am 10am - 4pm Match Report Rose Bowl Championship
9 June 5th Thorney Lakes # 9am 10am - 4pm Rose Bowl Championship
10 June 18th River, Evening Cup # 3pm 4pm - 9pm Match Report
11 June 19th Stoke Pond Charity 3 9am 10am - 4pm Match Report Memorial Shield Championship
12 June 26th Ilminster Home Challenge Shield 9am 10am - 4pm
13 July 3rd Birds Quarry Charity 4 9am 10am - 4pm
14 July 10th River Novice Shield # 7am 8am - 1pm Match Report Memorial Shield Championship
15 July 24th River, Huntsman Cup # 7am 8am - 1pm Match Report Memorial Shield Championship
16 July 31st Todber Hill View 7.30am 10am - 4pm Match Report
17 August 7th River, Mrs Williams' Cup # 7am 8am - 1pm Match Report Memorial Shield Championship
18 August 14th Shepton Montague 8am 10am - 4pm
19 August 21st River, J Irish # 7am 8am - 1pm Match Report Memorial Shield Championship
20 August 28th Stoke Pond Charity 5 9am 10am - 4pm
21 September 4th River Axminster Cup # 8am 9am - 2pm Memorial Shield Championship
22 September 18th River Pairs Match 9am 10am - 3pm
23 September 25th Staithe Drain Daves Match Cup 9am 10am - 4pm
24 Octobr 2nd Revels simms Silvers 9am 10am - 4pm
25 October 16th River (Ilminster Away) 9am 10am - 4pm
26 October 23rd Ash Ponds # 8am 9am - 3pm
27 November 2nd Stoke Pond Charity 6 8am 9am - 3pm
28 November 6th Trinity Woodlands # 8am 9am - 3pm
29 November 13th Sedges Tile Lake 8am 9am - 3pm
30 November 20th Stoke Pond Charity 7 9am 10am - 4pm
31 November 27th Viaduct Campbell 8am 9am - 3pm
32 December 11th Christmas Fayre TBA TBA

The Christmas match is open to EVERY club member. You don’t need to have fished any of the matches to take part. Every angler receives a prize. This is followed by the annual trophy presentation with light refreshments where you can share your angling experiences with fellow members. Our aim is to provide angling for everyone so please come along, friends and family also, you’ll be all very welcome.

Winter League 2022

Date Venue & Events Draw Fishing Time Match Report Table
1 January 8th Winter League TBC TBC
2 January 22nd Winter League TBC TBC
3 February 5th Winter League TBC TBC
4 February 19th Winter League TBC TBC
5 March 5th Winter League TBC TBC

Details for each match venue draw and duration times will be posted on our social media sites on the Friday immediately before each event.