Club Licence & Fishing Site Information

Club Licences and Day Tickets:

Licence Secretary – Dennis Hawkins To obtain a licence read notes below and email Dennis Hawkins at

We hope you are all safe and well and no doubt looking forward to the day when we can all get back fishing again?

In light of the current restrictions with our licence outlets closed for the foreseeable future the committee have decided to run a postal service for our club card sales. We are hopeful that fishing will be one of the activities allowed once the present guidelines start to be relaxed. Also the committee are aware of the need to keep this great club of ours afloat (pardon the pun!!) so maintaining an income through this difficult period is crucial to the club. We have in 2020 so far paid out for ticket printing, SLAC membership and shortly to pay for our Angling Trust membership and insurance premiums so your help right now would be really appreciated. To buy this season’s ticket this is what you do;

1. First of all contact Dennis Hawkins, by phone (details in old licence) or at the above email address.

2. He will then advise you of the required membership fee. (£25 seniors, £15 over 65’s, £5 juniors) and ask you for your postal address and contact phone no. He will also give you his email address.

3. You can then send to Dennis your payment via PayPal, ref. “Stoke AA Licence” using his email address.

4. Alternatively he can advise you of the club’s bank details and you can then make a bank transfer to the club account for the required amount.

5. All you then need do is to email a copy of the bank transaction to Dennis as proof of payment (not required for PayPal payment).

6. Dennis will then allocate a membership number to your licence and then send it back to you through the post.

We are hopeful, eventually, of having an online bank account that would make things a lot easier but right now with the banks being busy, restrictions in place, and the way our account is currently configured this is impossible to do. We understand that some of you may not use PayPal or bank online but you may have a fishing buddy that does so why not consider clubbing together to do a transfer for the combined tickets.

We hope that you can find a way to support Stoke AA and in the meantime STAY SAFE and we look forward to seeing you on the bank soon.

The Committee - May 2020.

A club licence will cost;

£25.00 for senior.

£15.00 for over 65.

£5.00 for 16 and under junior.

Day Tickets Available

Day tickets can be obtained from Thorny Lakes or Southforks Caravan park or you can purchase a day ticket in advance through the Website. To obtain a day ticket this way you will need to purchase it 24 hours in advance. Email your request to PLEASE NOTE! It is not possible to purchase on the day through the Website.

Prices for Day Tickets

£5 a day or £7 a week for seniors

£2 a day or £4 a week for juniors (must be accompanied by an adult).

Also available from the following outlets:

Southfork Caravan Park

Amenities: Toilet and Shop.


Check the river levels in your area.