Welcome to Stoke-Sub-Hamdon & District Angling Association Rules

Club Rules

1. The Club shall be called “The Stoke-sub-Hamdon and District Angling Association” which is a non-profit making organisation whose affairs are conducted according to its constitution. fishing

A copy of the constitution is held by the club secretary and may be viewed upon request

2. Payment of the subscription and acceptance of the membership book shall be deemed an agreement to conform with the rules and by-laws of the Association.

3. Members fish at their own risk and are personally responsible for any damage done. This includes fences, mowing grass, gates and any other property on ground over which permission has been given to fish. Members causing damage will be liable to prosecution and barred from future membership of the club. PLEASE KEEP TO THE RIVER BANK.

4. Membership books cannot be issued except to bona fide holders of Environment Agency Fishing Licences.

5. Members must produce their membership book if requested to do so by another member or Water Bailiff. MEMBERSHIP BOOKS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE.

6. All gates must be closed on entering or leaving the waterside.


7. No member shall shoot over Club waters or light fires by Club waters.

8. No litter shall be left on the banks.

9.No coarse fish shall be removed from Club waters.

10.The Copse at Parrett Works and the Orchard bank at Gawbridge are out of bounds to members of the club.

11. Coarse fishing as Environment Agency licence.

12. Members are forbidden to fish any Club water out of season.

13. Members must not fish from any road bridge. Any member persistently violating this rule will be banned from the Club.

14. Members must not fish within 30 metres of over-head power cables.

15. Any business for discussion at any meeting of the Club must be communicated to any member of the Committee together with the name and address for discussion at the relevant meeting