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Running Total for 2022.

£570.00 - 19th June 2022

Stoke Pond 19th June 2022

For a PDF copy follow this link. Match report

On the Wednesday prior to the match some good work was done by Harry with the tractor and topper ably supported by Chris and Giles Norton and Chris White to clear the access points and pegs, thankyou boys. Also thank you to the very young lady swimmer who swam out in 4 to retrieve the broken rope that Harry drove the topper over!!!

Match day began for 7 members having breakfast at the Airfield Tavern where much banter took place particularly around Chris’s lost carp the night before (I’m thinking of writing a book about it!!!).

We drew at the Memorial Hall 08.15. HRH got the fancied 3 (not this time Jamie) with new boy Craig collecting peg 4. Fresh from his successful Fishomania qualifier the day before (coming second by only 8ozs to Andy Power), Dan drew peg 6. The short straws for 10, 11 and 12 were drawn by Nick, Jamie and Norty respectively whilst Paul was in 1, Bagger Burton had 2, and Chanter was in 5 with Gwiz in 7, the Pole in 8 and Toastie in 9. We were advised that Castle Farm would start irrigating from the pond that day so it would be interesting to see how it would fish.

Weather was fine with a fresh breeze blowing into 2, 3, 4 and 5. At the whistle most made reasonable starts with Harry, Craig, Steve and Dan in particular catching well. As seems to be the case on the pond, the last couple hours slowed dramatically.

Full Results;

  1. Harry Robert Hebditch peg 3, 67.13 (£40)
  2. Daniel Squire peg 6, 55.12 (£35)
  3. Craig Lyttle peg 4, 43.09 (£30)
  4. Terence Morgan peg 9, 35.15 (£25)
  5. Steve Chant peg 5, 35.01 (£15 Section A)
  6. Chris White peg 7, 21.15 (£15 Section B)
  7. Nick Payne peg 10, 18.11 (£20 Best Silvers 6.14)
  8. Jamie Rich peg 11, 13.01
  9. Chris Norton peg 12, 8.13
  10. Ian Burton peg 2 8.06
  11. Steve Parker peg 8, 7.02
  12. Paul Blake peg 1, 4.09

Well done to Harry for coming out on top, which was just as well as he needed his winnings to pay for all the broken elastics he endured. Most of his fish came from close to the reeds in 3 so his day was not without risk, especially with weak elastics. Hot on Harry’s heels was Dan who did well to bag 55.12 from 6. Craig also did well with his 43.09 from 4 despite the occasional rush of water from the pipes. Terry pipped Steve for 4th spot by 14ozs but Steve had the consolation of a section win as did Chris. Three lovely chub were good enough for Nick to win the Silvers spot from 10. A good day particularly for our charity as many members gave their winnings back, combined with flat donations from participants and members who were unable to fish, the proceeds for the day amounted to £270. Since then I have received an anonymous donation of £30 making the grand total for the match £300 THANKYOU ALL.

Of course none of this would be possible without the generosity of the Hebditch family so many thanks to Rob and Harry. The next charity match will be held at birds Quarry on 3 July courtesy of HMS Heron Coarse Angling Club, hope to see you there.

Thanks again and Tightlines.

Stoke Pond 1st May 2022

For a PDF copy follow this link. Match report

Another eagerly awaited draw after yet another lovely breakfast at Ilminster Bowling Club. He only goes and does it again!! Jamie (Dino) Rich drew peg 3 again where he won from last time. Toastie had 1, Norty 2, Rob in 4, Jake in 5 and Sam pulling out 6. In section B was Jenny 7, Magic Bob in 8, Chanter drew 9, with Parker the Pole begrudgingly pulling out 10, HRH in 11 and Yorkie Burns in 12. The pond looked a nice colour but steady rain meant that some would get wet!!

Full Results;

  1. Jamie Rich peg 3, 51.06 (£50)
  2. Andy Burns peg 12, 44.11 (£40)
  3. Steve Chant peg 9, 23.10 (£30)
  4. Robin Cox peg 4, 23.07 (£15 Section A)
  5. Harry Robert Hebditch peg 11, 21.05 (£15 Section B)
  6. Terence Morgan peg 1, 15.02
  7. Steve Parker peg 10, 11.11 (£30 Silvers, 3.09)
  8. Jenny Jean peg 7, 10.15
  9. Chris Norton peg 2, 10.04
  10. Jake Berkley peg 5, 9.04
  11. Bob Pamplin peg 8, .14
  12. Sam Hinton peg 6, 4.04

Stoke Pond 17th April 2022

For a PDF copy follow this link. Match report

For some of us the day began very nicely with yet another hearty breakfast at Ilminster Bowling Club. The weather was set fine for the day and the eagerly awaited draw took place.

Jamie struck it Rich yet again pulling peg 3 out and close on his heels with another fancied spot was Marco Smith drawing peg 4. New boy Mark Ragless had 5 with Rob Wylde in 1, Yorkie Burns in 2, Rob Cox in 6, 7 was The Grand Wizard’s for the day, Nick Payne had 7 with Toastie, The Pole, and Jake in 10, 11 and 12 respectively.

Given the draw and on Jamie’s present form the results sheet could have been filled in before the whistle blew. True to form, with a 2 hour late spurt down the reed edge, Jamie Rich came out on top by a country mile. In the not so fancied peg 2 Yorkie Burns did well relying on a 1 hour sprint at the start to land a few good fish. Only 2 ozs behind Yorkie was Nick Payne fishing between the reeds on 8.

Fishing the peg for the first time and after suffering an expensive section No 7 break Marco had a bit of trouble coping with the snags and confines of peg 4 losing 12 carp which would have won him the match. Toastie picked up 5 nice carp for a creditable section win in the tricky peg 10.

Full Results;

  1. Jamie Rich peg 3, 50.02 (£50)
  2. Andy Burns peg 2, 24.12 (£40)
  3. Nick Payne peg 8, 24.10 (£30, £10 of which was donated back, thanks Nick)
  4. Marco Smith peg 4, 22.13 (£15 Section A)
  5. Terence Morgan peg 10, 19.11 (£15 Section B)
  6. Chris White peg 7, 13.06
  7. Jake Berkley peg 12, 11.08
  8. Steve Parker peg 11, 10.09
  9. Robert Wylde peg 1, 8.15
  10. Mark Ragless peg 5, 5.14
  11. Robin Cox peg 6, 4.14
  12. Ian Burton peg 9, 3.13 (£30 silvers)

With the water still cold and the fish reluctant to feed it was a difficult day for some but no less enjoyable in being able to fish the pond for which we thank the Hebditch family. £130 was raised on the day so thank you to all who took part.


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